Moreton’s very own inspirational speakers

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Competitions | 0 comments

On Thursday 20th June the English team took Michael and Constance to the Regional Finals of the Speakers Trust competition. They each had to present on a topic of their choice for 3 minutes in front of 6  judges including a professor from Birmingham University, police officers, Directors and Chief Executives of various businesses and councils. Not only this, but they had an audience of 100 or so.    

The members of staff in the audience were wowed by all the finalists, but Constance and Michael were outstanding and that is not an exaggeration! Constance came away with first place which means she represents the region in the final in Birmingham on the 8th July. They were very nervous before hand but they easily held their own against the other finalists and made the whole team proud to belong to Moreton. 

Michael had various judges come and shake his hand and tell him he needed to keep championing his cause (Domestic Violence) and what an inspirational young man he is. 

Here is Constance with her amazing winning speech.

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