Lockdown Linguists Easter Challenge

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Over Easter, the English team are calling on all budding writers and poets to enter our exciting new ‘Lockdown Linguists’ creative writing competition by submitting a poem or story.

Entries are open to all students, parents and staff at Moreton.

All submitted entries will be read and judged by the English team and there will be prizes available in four categories:

  • KS3 Winning Wordsmith
  • KS4 Winning Wordsmith
  • Staff Winning Wordsmith
  • Parent Winning Wordsmith

The winner in each category will win a £10 gift voucher to spend on Amazon.co.uk. The gift voucher code will be sent to the winner’s email address.

To decide on the winner in each category, we will be looking at:

Engagement: Is the piece of writing interesting to read? Do we feel an emotional response to the writing?

Vocabulary: Are the words chosen the best ones?

Description: Are ideas brought to life in a way that allows clear images in a reader’s mind?

Character or voice: Are characters or perspectives believable and developed?

Further reading to support your creative process:






  1. You can write your story or poem about anything! The best writing will create emotion in a reader so consider what topic/ event could create humour, fear, sadness or sympathy for example.
  2. Work must be submitted via email to rcoward@aatrust.co.uk, by Sunday 19th April at 6pm, with the subject as ‘Lockdown Linguists’. Your writing can be submitted on a word document or handwritten and sent as a photograph as long as the writing is legible and the image is clear.
  3. Work submitted should be original. This means the work must be your own and not previously published.
  4. While inspiration may come from your favourite books, films or series, work submitted should not copy ideas.
  5. Story entries should aim to be between 300 and 600 words. Stories can be written in first person or third person. While speech can be used, we recommend that this is limited.
  6. Poem entries should aim to be between 20 and 50 lines. Poetry does not need to rhyme.
  7. Submitting your entry means you agree that your story or poem can be shared online. If you prefer that your name isn’t shared alongside your writing, please make this clear in your email.

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