Moreton Impossible

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On Wednesday 8th July during P5 and P6 Y7, 8 and 9 will have no Live Lessons and instead will be taking part in an afternoon of virtual activities and competitions! They will have 6 missions to complete and the House that completes the most missions successfully will win lots of House points for their house.

The 6 missions include:

Mission: Training- Complete a series of physically challenges in the quickest time possible.

Mission: Time Bomb – Find the longest word from a selection of letters.

Mission: Hunt- Find a selection of 10 items in your house. 

Mission: Disarm- Research a series of number related questions and complete calculations to find the final code. 

Mission: Identify- Work out the difference between a series of real and fake logos. 

Mission: Spy- Identify the hidden teacher from their picture. 

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