Moreton School Living History Art Awards

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We are very proud to have fielded two teams from our Year 7 and 8 Art Clubs to the Gallery of Living History and one of our teams was runner up with our second team receiving a commendation.

Students were asked to “design an artwork/statue that celebrates and commemorates an unsung person or people, living or dead whose heroic story has never been properly told”

Well done to all teams involved and we look forward to seeing the artwork on show!

You can read more about the competition and where you can see the entries on their website below. 


Team Justice consisted of Lucas, Tiffany, Lydia, Megan, Matthew, Brooke and Milly

They chose NHS nurses because they have saved thousands of lives around the world and they felt that that needed celebrating.



Team NHS Forever consisted of Adrija, Emma, Kye, Reece, Kira, Parmpal, Alexia and River

They chose the NHS because these people because have sacrificed their lives to stop covid and the constant rise of of the Covid death count.


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