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Dear Parent/Carer          

As our building works continue at pace to improve the facilities at Moreton School and move into their next phase, this will impact on the availability of the  changing rooms within the PE department. To minimise the impact to our pupils we have taken the decision to allow pupils to attend school in their Moreton PE kits on the days they are timetabled to have Dance and PE from Tuesday 28th June 2022 for the foreseeable future. In case of bad weather when we are outside during lessons and to ensure pupils comfort for the rest of the day it is advisable that they bring their uniform in a bag and an opportunity will be made for pupils to change if needed, obiviously we will try and avoid this if possible but it is more for the occasional sharp shower that cannot always be predicted. This will also be the case when pupils are attending extra curricular clubs in these two subjects and for these students who are representing the school in fixtures.

Can we take this opportunity to remind you that if a pupil is choosing to wear leggings as an optional part of their PE kit they must wear their plain black shorts over the top of these as per the Moreton PE kit policy. All jewellery must also be removed for PE this includes nose piercings and small studs as per the Moreton PE kit policy and to ensure pupils are as safe as possible when participating in practical subjects. If your pupil is unable to take part in the practical lesson for any reason a written note needs to be provided from yourselves and they will still need to attend school in their PE kit as all PE lessons are currently outside and although they will not partake practically in the lesson they will still take on a leadership role within the lesson to continue to develop their learning within Dance and PE.

If your pupil does not have Moreton PE kit or they are missing elements of their PE kit please can you get in touch with either your child’s Head of Year or a member of the PE department so we can try and address these issues as soon as possible.

You can view the PE uniform on our page here 


Yours sincerely,


Mrs V Banks

Head of PE

Moreton School

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