The Royal Navy cook up a storm at Moreton!

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Parent Communication | 0 comments

We had a blast on Wednesday 1st March when Royal Navy Chefs George and Darren came to spice up our Year 10 Hospitality & Catering class.

They told us all about the exciting career opportunities in the Navy for chefs, stewards and logistics specialists. They also gave us a glimpse of what it’s like to cook and eat onboard a ship. We learned how they train, travel and work as a team in the Royal Navy and some of us even started thinking about joining them.

We learned how important it is to have a balanced diet and how the Navy provides healthy meals for its personnel.

We also got to ask some questions to the Naval team and find out more about their personal stories and experiences. They were very friendly and honest and shared some of their challenges and achievements. They also gave us some advice on how to pursue a career in the Navy and what skills and qualifications we need.

Then we had a fun and fierce Ready Steady Cook workshop where we had to whip up 2 dishes in just over an hour. It was a great way to practice our presentation skills, problem solving, resilience and teamwork.

We all had a fantastic time and the Naval team praised our skills and enthusiasm. They were awesome guests and we hope they come back soon.

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