what parents and carers need to know about instagram

Moreton School’s #WakeUpWednesday: What Parents and Carers need to know about Instagram

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of our #WakeUpWednesday movement at Moreton School, we want to provide guidance on how to use Instagram safely. Instagram is a popular social media platform used by many young people, and it’s important to ensure that our students are using it responsibly and safely.


Here are some tips for using Instagram safely:

  1. Set Privacy Settings: Make sure your child’s Instagram account is set to “Private” so that only approved followers can see their posts and interact with them. This helps protect their personal information and content from being accessed by strangers.
  2. Be Mindful of Posting Content: Remind your child to think carefully before posting any content on Instagram. Encourage them to avoid sharing personal information, sensitive photos, or inappropriate content that could potentially harm their reputation or be misused by others.
  3. Manage Followers: Regularly review your child’s followers and ensure that they only accept friend requests and follow accounts of people they know and trust. Encourage them to block and report any suspicious or inappropriate accounts.
  4. Educate about Cyberbullying: Discuss the risks of cyberbullying with your child and encourage them to report any instances of bullying or harassment they encounter on Instagram. Teach them to use the “Report” and “Block” features to protect themselves from harmful behavior.
  5. Monitor Time Spent on Instagram: Instagram can be addictive and can negatively impact your child’s mental health and wellbeing if they spend excessive time on it. Set healthy boundaries and encourage your child to take breaks from the app to engage in other activities offline.
  6. Talk about Online Etiquette: Discuss the importance of respectful communication and online etiquette with your child. Remind them to be mindful of their language, behavior, and interactions with others on Instagram.


Report Inappropriate Content: Instruct your child to report any inappropriate or harmful content they come across on Instagram using the app’s reporting tools. This helps in maintaining a safe online environment for everyone.

It’s crucial to have open and ongoing conversations with your child about their use of Instagram and other social media platforms. By providing guidance and setting clear expectations, we can help our students use Instagram safely and responsibly.

Thank you for your partnership in promoting online safety for our students.

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