Moreton School Open Day 2023

Moreton School Open Day Events

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Embarking on an Exciting Journey: Discover Moreton School in Wolverhampton

Is your child about to embark on their secondary school journey? At Moreton School, we warmly invite all parents of Year 6 students to experience the vibrant learning community we offer. Explore our open day events, where you can take a guided tour, gain valuable insights, and have all your questions answered as you prepare for this significant transition.

At Moreton School, we believe that every student deserves to be treated as a unique individual, fostering an environment where their potential can truly flourish. Our staff are committed to delivering a first-class, knowledge-rich education that extends beyond the confines of the classroom, offering a wealth of enriching experiences to our students.
From day one, our students are encouraged to prepare for their future through a series of exceptional opportunities. They will visit universities, connect with local businesses, and meet inspiring individuals, all while developing vital life and social skills. We firmly believe that holistic growth is the key to success, and we’re thrilled to be part of the Amethyst Academies Trust, working in collaboration with Aldersley High School and sharing the joint Amethyst Sixth Form.

Achieving Excellence Together

“I believe passionately in students having the best possible life chances. My responsibility is to ensure that every learner succeeds, with the highest quality experiences and no ceiling to success.” says our dedicated headteacher. The strong bond between parents, students, and staff forms an unbreakable team, ensuring that each young person reaches their full potential.
The happiness, safety, and support our new Year 7 students experience from the outset is truly heartwarming. As well as having a large Pastoral Team as a main point of contact, each year group is allocated an Attainment and Standards leader to ensure students make the expected progress.
Moreton School continues it’s incredible transformation and this year we shall be opening the Moreton Sixth Form, a dedicated centre for the Amethyst Football Academy. We will also be opening our Multi Use Gaming Area on the site of the old tennis courts in readiness for September. Through it all, one thing remains constant: the warm and inviting Moreton family feeling that defines our community. As we strive to become the best school in the Midlands, we remain devoted to maintaining this unique atmosphere of belonging and camaraderie.

Witness Education Come to Life

We extend a warm invitation to all who wish to explore our vibrant learning environment. Visit us at any time to experience firsthand how we bring education to life, shaping confident, capable, and compassionate individuals ready to conquer their futures. Moreton School welcomes you with open arms!


Open Day Details:


First Open Day: Saturday, 16th September, from 10 am to 12.30 pm

Second Open Day: Monday, 25th September, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know Moreton School and discover why we are the perfect place for your child’s secondary education journey. Click the buttons below to book your tickets and join us on these insightful open day events. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!”

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