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January 2024 – Welcome Back

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Dear Parents/Carers

Happy new year! I am proud to say that today marks the start of my second year as Headteacher of Moreton School. I would like to thank each and every parent/carer who has communicated with me, met with me or spoken to me in school or at one of our many afterschool events. We have achieved a great deal in the last year including:

  • Secured another Year 7 intake in excess of 205
  • Made numerous improvements to the building and site to make the school more secure for our staff and students
  • Completed the installation of our brand new 3G sports pitch and Muga
  • Stabilised our recruitment and invested heavily in staff training and a focus on our Early Career Teachers
  • Established high expectations of the standards of behaviour that we expect for all.

My vision for students at Moreton is to provide an outstanding educational experience for all, preparing them for further education and the world of work. We set the highest standards and aim for aspirational targets, whilst ensuring that our students feel safe and have a smile on their faces. We believe in challenging and inspiring our young people to achieve their full potential.

I believe passionately in students having the best possible life chances. My responsibility is to ensure that every learner succeeds, with the highest quality experiences and no ceiling to success. Our work in the next two terms focusses heavily on the concept of Together Stronger and with that in mind, we are launching our Moreton Habits curriculum with students in Years 7,8 and 9. Today they will have a day of carefully planned lessons around the learning and behaviour habits that students need to follow to reach their full potential at Moreton. Today will be day 1 of 4 days between now and the summer holidays. These sessions focus on:


  • Respect for each other/staff/members of the local community
  • The importance of attendance
  • Behaviour outside the classroom
  • Support available in school
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion


Katy Dagnall (Deputy Headteacher for Behaviour and Inclusion) will send you out a summary of their learning in a letter later this week. Please can I ask that you recap this with your child/children to reinforce the message.


You will also be receiving a letter outlining how we have further strengthened the leadership of our Year groups by allocating members of the Senior Leadership Team to support each Head of Year:


Year GroupHead of YearSenior Leadership Team Link
7Jake WyattPhil Thompson – Deputy Headteacher
8Jay JeerHarmail Khela – Deputy Headteacher
9Iain SmithJaspal Sidhu – Associate Assistant Headteacher
10Sharon BassiAidan Richardson – Senior Assistant Headteacher
11Matt BlowerJack Warburton – Assistant Headteacher



This change will give you an additional point of contact and we have made further changes to our communication in response to the Parent Voice survey that we conducted last term, where some parents informed us that communication could be improved. We have three new email addresses for you to use and the table below describes this:


Email AddressReasonEmails go to…. general questions related to the school. You can also use the Virtual Chatbot on the school website.Reception, Deputy Headteachers and Headteacher concerns about bullying

Ben Dumayne (Headteacher)

Katy Dagnall (Deputy Headteacher)

Stuart Ruthven (Assistant Headteacher) safeguarding concerns about a child

Katy Dagnall (Deputy Headteacher)

Members of School Safeguarding Team


From today, we will be starting a drive to further improve student attendance at Moreton School which will be led by our Attainment and Standards Leads. They will be sending you a report of your child’s attendance for the first term of this year and the impact that this has had and may continue to have. You will see more communication following this as improving attendance to school, is a priority for all of us.

Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success. When you make school attendance a priority: you help your child achieve higher grades; develop healthy habits; avoid dangerous behaviour and give them a better chance of achieving their full potential. Students who have excellent attendance also feel more connected to their peers, develop important social skills and friendships and are significantly more likely to leave school with excellent qualifications.

Research shows that with an attendance of:

AttendanceLearning LostImpact on Qualifications and Futures
96%45 hours (54 lessons)73% chance of achieving five or more grades 5-9 at GCSE
90%98 hours (117 lessons)Drop one grade in each GCSE subject studied. Missing half a school year between Years 7-11 if this trend continued
80-90%108 – 195 hours (129-234 lessons)Only 35% of students will achieve five or more grades 5-9 at GCSE


We have a very busy half-term ahead of us at Moreton with the following key events:


DateEventYear Groups Involved
Week beginning 15th JanuaryWhole School Trust ReviewAll students
Week beginning 20th JanuaryYear 11 Mock Exam Results Day 2Year 11
22nd JanuaryYear 10 Parents EveningYear 10
29th JanuaryYear 11 Leavers PresentationYear 11 Students who left last summer
1st FebruaryYear 9 Parents EveningYear 9


I would like to thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you

Ben Dumayne


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