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Parents in Partnership: Attendance

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Dear Parents and carers,

It would be remiss of me to write to you and to not acknowledge how different our world is now compared to just a few years ago. I see everyday the impact of the cost of living crisis to all of us, the lasting legacy of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns and restrictions, the divisive rhetoric used in mainstream media and the worry that many, if not all of theses issues, evoke, create and deepen. For many of us, our views on life and what we once held important have been irrevocably altered by the pandemic. I and we as a school understand and respect this.

In response to this, I have made it my mission at Moreton to create a community that supports parents and carers tangibly. We have set up our own food bank on site for anyone connected to Moreton, as I write this we have given out over 200 food parcels. We have created our own community closet with brand new unworn clothes readily available for Moreton parents and students, likewise we recently held our first thrift event which was a resounding success. As we continue to develop our stronger together campaign I am embarking on creating working parties with parents about specific issues and will be inviting you to partner with us, your voice and opinion is of fundamental importance to us.

As such I wanted to introduce our new strategy regarding attendance: ‘Parents in Partnership: achieve, empower and succeed.’ I understand the challenges around attendance and how difficult it can be for some parents however I also know factually and statistically that good 96% attendance and above, will:

  • improve your child’s academic progress and grades
  • improve your child’s future earning power
  • over time, improve your child’s confidence, social skills and resilience
  • improve your child’s employability

We remain steadfast in our expectation that every student averages at least 96% attendance but we also remain steadfast in our determination to help you overcome any barriers that may be stopping this. It is also important that I stress to you all our commitment to proactively looking after the mental health of out students: we have 2 internal school counsellors, the Eden provision, regular in school sessions with Base 25, the school nurse and the Haven group, the Habits curriculum in which we teach students how to proactively look after their own mental health and a plethora of enrichments that center around student enjoyment, engagement and fun.

I look forward to working with you all to improve school attendance, we expect excellence and we commit to helping all of our students to get there.

Together, stronger.

Miss Dagnall

Deputy Headteacher

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