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Curriculum Offer 2023/24

Why we’re proud of our curriculum…

At Moreton, we’re incredibly proud of the curriculum that we deliver to all of our students every day. Over the last two years we’ve been on an inspiring journey to overhaul our curriculum, and have great confidence that we are delivering the right things for the right reasons. We work tirelessly to ensure that Moreton’s students get nothing but the best – they deserve nothing less.
Our newly-developed curriculum is geared towards high levels of academic challenge, is knowledge-rich and develops more than just good subject knowledge. We want to make Moreton students not only ready for academic success, but also ready to take their place in the world as informed citizens, equipped to live fulfilling and successful lives. Knowing about the world makes you better able to live in the world, and we’re proud to hold this principle in mind in our curriculum.


The school’s curriculum:

  • Is ambitious and aspirational for all students, particularly disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND, and is designed so students have the knowledge and cultural capital they need to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life.
  • Is centred around the personal development of our students
  • Is evidenced-based and research led
  • Is rigorous, so that pupils learn the critical knowledge that they need to engage in subject-specific questions, and to gain disciplinary knowledge of how the subject works, and, as a result, achieve well.
  • Is designed to provide expert and up-to-date careers guidance, so that students are prepared for future learning and employment.
  • Is planned and sequenced coherently, so that the end points of learning are clear and that students develop the knowledge and skills, building on what has been taught before, to be able to reach those end points
  • Accounts for delays and gaps in learning that have arisen and continue to arise as a result of the pandemic.
  • Remains as broad as possible for as long as possible, through a 3 year Key Stage 3 and full access to the curriculum for all students, with Ebacc at its heart
  • Is successfully adapted, designed or developed to be ambitious and meet the needs of pupils with SEND, developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to apply what they know and can do with increasing fluency and independence.
  • Is designed to ensure that reading and oracy is prioritised.
  • Promotes British Values and social, moral, spiritual and cultural development throughout the curriculum and in particular through a coherent programme of PHSE, RSE and Religious Studies

Why our curriculum works…

As you can see from the curriculum map below, a lot of thought goes into our curriculum – and this is just one half term. We have developed our thinking to see the curriculum as more than just a collection of subjects, and our subjects as more than just a collection of topics. By carefully considering the knowledge and skills that our students acquire at each stage of their journey at Moreton, we know that they will develop their abilities not only in each individual subject, but to transfer ideas between their subjects, too.
At Moreton we’re also clear that gaining knowledge is a cumulative thing – the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to get new knowledge. As our curriculum map shows, the knowledge that we teach has been carefully sequenced so that it is logical, easier to learn and also easier to remember. Students come across big ideas regularly and in different contexts, providing them with a strong framework in which to learn more new and challenging things every day. Connections are drawn between learning to help students to see the bigger picture. We know that Moreton students can and will be successful, and we’re more confident than ever that our curriculum will get them there.

Why our curriculum gives students more…

We’re also working hard to make sure that our curriculum doesn’t have any gaps in it. There is important knowledge that sometimes falls through the cracks in schools, but we believe that our students have a right to know and to experience as much as any others. To leave school without the rich tapestry of knowledge in the world – capital cities, great paintings, political leaders, famous books, important thinkers and key moments in history – would mean that our school curriculum had failed. We are incredibly determined to give our students every chance to thrive by giving them the best knowledge that world has to offer, whether or not this appears in a school subject.
To make sure that this happens we have looked at the other important knowledge that we want our students to have, to build their cultural capital and to expose them to the powerful knowledge that underpins our civilisation. We think general knowledge is as important as subject knowledge, so we’ve spent a long time mapping when and where this is taught, ensuring that personal development and moral education is at the heart of our school. We support this through assemblies, form periods and enrichment opportunities to make sure that our curriculum makes clear our key messages and core principles at every turn. Our teachers know that their lesson is just part of a great big curriculum.

Our curriculum is special…

…because our students are special. We urge you to come and find out more about how our curriculum will make a difference in our community, and play a role in the continuing transformation of Moreton.

Key Stage 3

All students share a common curriculum covering all aspects of the national curriculum. The curriculum has been designed to provide breadth and balance whilst enabling each student to develop their particular interests and talents to prepare them for study in Years 10-11. It embraces the knowledge rich curriculum and is regularly reviewed to keep abreast of developments in national examinations, higher education and new technology. Our curriculum is related to the local context of our school and the variety of our pupils needs and the current position of the school in its journey as part of the Amethyst Academy trust.

At both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 we set students on ability in the core (English, Math and Science) so that learning can be effectively tailored. This setting is flexible and reviewed regularly to ensure that students are most appropriately placed.  In all subjects we aim to build on the learning that has taken place in the primary setting at Key Stage 2. Assessment is continuous through formative tasks and through end of course summative assessments.

Throughout all years, students have the opportunity to meet with our designated careers team to look at their career options. Students are given the opportunity to have a series of taster sessions prior to them confirming their options. All subjects are taught by well-qualified, specialist teachers. Visiting speakers, day trips and field work enrich classroom studies.

We feel it is important for our students to enjoy each of their subjects and to have time to take full advantage of the extra-curricular opportunities on offer.

At Key Stage 3, students follow a core provision of:

  • English – 5 hours.
  • Maths – 5 hours.
  • Science (includes teaching from specialists in Physics, Chemistry and Biology) – 4 hours.
  • History, Geography and MFL – 3 hours each.
  • PE (core) – 2 hours.
  • DT –Includes Design and Technology, Graphics, Dance, Drama and Food on a rotation – 2 hours.
  • Music – 1 hour.
  • Art – 1 hour.
  • RE – 1 hour.
  • IT – 1 Hour

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students follow a core provision of:

  • English – 6 Hours
  • Maths – 5 Hours
  • Science – 6 Hours
  • Language – 3 Hours
  • History or Geography – 3 Hours
  • PE – 1 Hour
  • Option Y – 3 Hours
  • Option Z – 3 Hours

In year 10 students begin to specialise to provide them with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge. They will mainly embark on examined courses at the start of year 9. This curriculum is taught in 30 lessons each week.

Moreton will offer a range of pathways to GCSE to meet the specific learning needs of our students but to enable them to be highly employable.

Students get to opt for a wide variety of Option subjects at GCSE or equivalents from a range of subjects in the Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Design and Technology, Computing or Physical curriculum. We provide full access to the English Baccalaureate subjects and encourage students to consider this route but it is not compulsory. Our curriculum caters for individual needs at all levels. Some students benefit from the additional English and Math support that we offer in small groups or on a one to one basis. We are proud of our flexibility and aim to cater for students of all abilities.

Outside of the Curriculum:

Students follow a full programme of Personal, Social, Moral and Cultural Education via Tutors, assemblies, subjects and via visitors and “one-off” events. We also have a careers team who work with students and organise special events in all years. We offer all year 10 the opportunity to take part in work experience.

Enrichment activities are a key part of our curriculum, to help develop the “whole person”. We run extra-curricular events across the year offering all students additional programs and learning experiences that complement what our students are learning in school. These events facilitate in the development of various domains of the mind and personality such as intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic development. Creativity, enthusiasm, and energetic positive thinking are also encouraged and developed.

Extra-curricular activities include: Dance shows, music events, opportunities to go on a wide variety of trips and a fantastic provision of sports teams and fixtures. There are 48 clubs running across school, including Lego Club, Debate Society, Ecological Club and First Aid, just to name a few!

We believe we prepare Moreton students to be the adults of tomorrow for the world of work and for life beyond the formal classroom.

Relationship, Sex, Health, Economic (RSHE) Education

Our vision is RSHE is a universal and unifying subject. PSHE at The Amethyst Trust is designed to build on strong legislation and highly effective guidance from the DfE, PSHE Association, Ofsted and other recognised stakeholders within the sector. We realise that these strong foundations are only the beginning, therefore we continually review our provision across every key stage to ensure that we match the context of our learners and push them beyond surface level understandings of critical subjects. In order to delineate the importance of RSHE across all areas of school opportunities to embed RSHE and Safeguarding have been seized across all subject planning documents. 


We recognise that RSHE is not an externally assessed subject, yet our goal of consistently excellent provision will ensure that all students develop the skills to succeed across their subjects. Throughout their RSHE curriculum students will undertake work via three umbrella areas: Relationships, Health, and Living in the Wider World. It is of paramount importance that these areas are not thematically siloed. Therefore, we have developed a linear progression/spiral curriculum model that builds on previous learning and feeds forward into future areas of study. It is not uncommon for work on careers to refer back to the study of negative relationships, for example.

KS4 Curriculum Offer


ArtArt & Design: Fine Art 9-1 (GCSE)OCR
Art (Photography)Art & Design: Photograph 9-1 (GCSE)OCR
Art (Textiles)Art & Design: Textiles 9-1 (GCSE)OCR
BiologyBiology (GCSE)AQA
Business StudiesPearson BTEC Tech Level in EnterprisePearson
ChemistryChemistry (GCSE)AQA
Child DevelopmentAward in Child Development & Care (Cache)NCFE
Combined ScienceCombined Science (GCSE)AQA
Computer SciencePearson Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Computer Science (GCSE)Pearson
D&T Product DesignProduct Design (GCSE)AQA
DancePearson BTEC Tech Level in DancePearson
DramaGCSE DramaAQA
EngineeringCambridge National Certificate in Engineering (Cambridge National)OCR
English LanguageGCSE English Language 9-1 (GCSE)AQA
English LiteratureGCSE English Literature 9-1 (GCSE)AQA
FrenchAQA GCSE in French (GCSE)AQA
GeographyGeography (GCSE)OCR
GermanAQA GCSE in German (GCSE)AQA
Health & Social CareCambridge National Certificate in HSc (Cambridge National)OCR
HistoryAQA History (GCSE)AQA
ImediaLevel 1/Level 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia (vocational)OCR
Hospitality and CateringLevel 1/2 Vocational Award in Hospitality and CateringWJEC
MathsGCSE Maths 9-1 (GCSE)Pearson
Music PerformancePearson BTEC Tech Level in Music PerformancePearson
Music TechnologyNCFE - Music TechnologyNCFE
PhysicsPhysics (GCSE)AQA
Religious StudiesAQA GCSE in Religious Studies A (GCSE)AQA
Sports StudiesLevel 2 National Certificate in Sports Studies (Vocational)OCR

KS5 Curriculum Offer

SubjectCourse TitleExam Board
Applied ScienceLevel 3 Extended Certificate in ScienceAQA
ArtLevel 3 Advanced GCE in Art and Design – Fine ArtOCR
BiologyLevel 3 Advanced GCE in BiologyAQA
Business StudiesLevel 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in BusinessOCR
ChemistryLevel 3 Advanced GCE in ChemistryAQA
ChildcareBTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Children’s Play, Learning and DevelopmentPearson
DanceLevel 3 Diploma in Creative and Performing ArtsRSL
EngineeringLevel 3 Advanced GCE in Design and Technology – Design EngineeringOCR
English Language and LiteratureLevel 3 Advanced GCE in English Language and LiteratureAQA
Food Science and NutritionLevel 3 Applied Diploma in Food Science and NutritionWJEC
GeographyLevel 3 Advanced GCE in GeographyOCR
Health & SocialLevel 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Health and Social CareOCR
Health & SocialLevel 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Health and Social CareOCR
HistoryLevel 3 Advanced GCE in History AOCR
ITLevel 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in ITOCR
LawLevel 3 Advanced GCE in LawAQA
MathematicsLevel 3 Advanced GCE in MathematicsEdexcel
Medical ScienceLevel 3Eduqas
MusicLevel 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music PractitionersRSL
PhotographyLevel 3 Advanced GCE in Art & Design – PhotographyOCR
PhysicsLevel 3 Advanced GCE in PhysicsAQA
PsychologyLevel 3 Advanced GCE in PsychologyAQA
SociologyLevel 3 Advanced GCE in SociologyAQA
SpanishLevel 3 Advanced GCE in SpanishAQA
SportLevel 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical ActivityOCR
SportLevel 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Sport and Physical ActivityOCR
SportBTEC Level 3Pearson

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