Enrichment and Intervention

2023-2024 Intervention and Enrichment Programme

Moreton School provide a wide range of clubs and activities that run before school, during lunchtime and after school. The school runs a breakfast club for every student between 7.45 and 8.30. There are many benefits to attending an extracurricular activity and these include:


• Improved Academic Performance
Some students worry that participating in extracurricular activities may take away too much time from their schoolwork, thus hurting their progress; however, extracurricular activities can actually improve your grades and your outlook on school in general!

• Explore Interests and Create Broader Perspectives
When you participate in a range of different activities, you’ll get the opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock passions you never knew you had!

• Higher Self-esteem
The more you achieve success through activities you’re passionate about, the more your self-confidence will improve.

• Social Opportunities
Making friends can be hard but one of the easiest ways to make friends is through extracurricular activities!

• Productive Breaks
Extracurricular activities give you something fun to do aside from school. It also gives you the chance to explore your passions to discover things you may be interested beyond lessons while taking some time off school work.

• Essential Life Skills
On top of all of the benefits of extracurricular activities above, one of the greatest advantages extracurricular activities give you are “real world” skills.
These skills include (but are not limited to):

  • Goal setting
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Prioritisation
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking

The full timetable of activities can be seen below:

Morning Session: 7.45am – 8.30am

Lunch Session: 12.40pm – 1.10pm

After School Session: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Moreton enrichment clubs

Sports Club Timetable Spring 2024

Moreton PE Timetable

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