Religious Education

It is the firm belief of the Religious Education department that a sound knowledge of faith, society, and personal responsibility creates resilient citizens who not only understand the world around them but have empathy for the people in their online and off-line communities.

Religious Education

As students progress into KS4 they will have one hour a week of Religion Life Skills where they will continue to look at religion but also mental health, drug abuse, and crime.

Religious Education

 The students will explore the faith, atheist and humanist view whilst being encouraged to debate and question their preconceived ideas.

Religious Education

“The Religious Studies Department aim to support every student to become world citizens who add to society with respect and conviction, and understand their community and their place in it. We want every student to be respect of other people’s opinions and show a tolerance towards different religions and cultures. Through our knowledge-rich curriculum, which looks at the big questions in religion, philosophy and ethics, our students are able to effectively argue and evaluate debates in a respectful and constructive way. The RE Department further aims to provide students with the skills needed for life after education, including teamwork, tolerance, respect, analysis and further discussion.”

– Moreton’s RE Department.


This is something that we know we have a duty to address in a world dominated by social media and online abuse. Our curriculum helps students to be informed, reflective, critical and articulate understanding of the beliefs of the different world faiths. We do this by looking at the foundations of the four major faiths and worldviews and then how those communities view and respond to key issues in society, such as; religion and conflict. All of this helps us to play our part in developing well rounded people who are free from ignorance, fear, prejudice and discrimination.

Our KS3 curriculum will take students on a journey through fundamental belief systems, the existence of God and other philosophical questions and then explore ethical theories and debate contemporary moral issues such as cloning and transplants. The students will explore the faith, atheist and humanist view whilst being encouraged to debate and question their preconceived ideas.

The option group at KS4 – completing AQA full course – will build on their KS3 understanding of the main religions by completing depth studies of Christianity and Sikhism and then completing 4 topics for our thematic element which allows them to apply their religious and moral understanding to issues such as; peace and conflict and crime and punishment. Through the curriculum offer for Religious Education we are giving students the tools to be well-rounded people who understand the world they live in. We are helping to create world citizens.


Withdrawal from RE Learning

Parents may request that their child is withdrawn from R.E. or particular schemes of work within the syllabus.  Where parents/carers are wishing to exercise this right, the Governing Body would first suggest that the parents first meet with the Headteacher to discuss their concerns. If the matter cannot be resolved, parents need to apply to the Governing Body in writing to withdraw their child from RE lessons. The Governing body will make arrangements with the Headteacher for the child(ren) to be supervised or engaged in another activity during this time. We are mindful that everyone holds different beliefs and this is taken into consideration at our school.

Miss Chumbar

Miss Chumbar

Head of RE

Miss Chumbar is Head of RE at Moreton School

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