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From the very first day of securing a place here, our Moreton students embark on an exciting journey to prepare for their future lives. Our belief is that every child should be treated as an individual. We deliver a first class, knowledge-rich education not only within the curriculum and classroom but also within the wealth of experiences on offer here. Our students are offered the chance to visit Universities, businesses, meet inspiring people and learn those all-important life and social skills, all of which ensure we are providing them with the very best life chances. We guide and nurture their ambitions and enhance the character development of each individual child.

At Moreton, we recognise the importance of the well-being of each student. As well as having a large Pastoral Team as a main point of contact, each year group is allocated an Attainment and Standards leader to ensure students make the expected progress, within form time students receive daily pastoral care as well as taking part in challenging and thought provoking activities such as;, Developing Literacy skills, love of reading and most recently exploring cultural capital. Students also have the opportunity to use their voices and opinions to make a positive change within the school and the community, by being a member of one of the four sub-committees on the Amethyst Prefect student council; Teaching and learning, Careers and the future, Community and Rewards.

For the fourth year running, Forest Schools remains a key part of the curriculum in Key stage 3. All students in years 7 and 8 participate in weekly lessons delivered in the great outdoors. The core focus is on the development of personal, social and emotional life skills.

As well as this, we offer an extensive catalogue of extra-curricular clubs suitable for every child to thrive in. From Library club to Science club, Rock Band to Football, Dance to Chess to name but a few – there is something that every student can enjoy.

We welcome you to our school to see for yourself how we bring education to life and provide our students with the very best life chances.

Moreton Open Day Presentation presented by Miss Brook

Moreton VR Tour Guide presented by Mr Martin

Digital Prospectus

You can view our new digital prospectus online now. 

Virtual Afternoon Tea Event

We usually hold an afternoon tea for you all during the summer term. It is usually a chance to get to know staff, ask any questions and relieve any worries you may have. Due to the pandemic, we decided to hold a virtual afternoon tea instead! The virtual afternoon Tea event can be found below. It will allow you to get to know the transition team, enjoy baking some wonderful delights from our chosen recipe’s and hear the answers to your questions.

We hope you will be able to join us and if you would like to ask any questions then send them over to the following email:



Unfortunately, due to government guidance, we are unable to run our full transition days. We are extremely disappointed by this but we want to assure you we are currently working alongside primary schools to make alternative arrangements. 

We are aware that as a parent, there may be some questions you would like answered, and usually the transition days would be the opportunity to do this. As an alternative to our usual Transition parents evening, there will be the opportunity to book on to a one to one meeting with our transition leads via Zoom. If you would like to book an appointment please contact us on the following emails; or    

I would just like to thank you for your support during this time. We will be sending some information out in the coming week about our Summer School opportunity for our future students. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above emails. 

Kind Regards,

Mrs H.Evans
Assistant Headteacher – Transition 

Student Q & A

What after school clubs are on offer?

At Moreton, there are clubs for you to take part in every day! The current timetable is on our Enrichment and Intervention page – If there’s a club which you’d like that’s not on the list please let us know!

What equipment will I need for secondary school?

Black/blue pen, highlighter, green pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, scientific calculator, reading book, blue A4 lever arch file and a school bag that can fit A4 books and folders.

How do I pay for my lunch at school?

We use a cashless system. You will be given your own pin number in the first week of school. You can bring money into school and use our machine to add money to your account or your parents can add money onto your account through parent pay.

How is the school day structured?

The school day starts at 8.45am. You will have 6 lessons a day, which are either 55 minutes or 60 minutes long. After period 2 you have a 15-minute break where you can get food or go outside. After period 4 you will go to your form for 20 minutes, followed by a 30-minute lunch time. The school day finishes at 3.30pm.

Where can we go during break time and lunch time?

Both of our Dining Halls are open for you at break and lunch time, as well as the library and our outdoor areas such as the quad and the tennis courts. In addition, Year 7 have their own outdoor area exclusively for you!

What subjects will I study in year 7?

Each week you will have lessons in the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, MFL, PE, Computing, Art and RE. You will study other topics on a rotation, which means they will change every 13 weeks. You will study two of the following subjects at the same time: Food, D&T, Forest Schools, Dance, Music and Drama.

Parent Q & A

How will my child be encouraged to succeed in secondary school?

There are a variety of ways we will encourage you to succeed at Moreton. We always help students believe the with hard work they can achieve anything. Day to day students are recognised of their achievements through  variety of ways.  We encourage students beyond the curriculum because it is important to help students develop into a young adult ready to take their place in the world by the time, they leave Moreton.

My child is moving to the secondary school on their own from their current primary school. How will you ensure my child will make new friends?

Moving to secondary school is a big moment in both you and your child’s life. At Moreton we put buddy system in place and will also be putting in place a range of virtual activities to help students get to know each other before September.

Will my child be in the same lessons as their friends?

Where possible we will try to ensure there are familiar faces within the form groups. Set groups are different for a variety of subjects so you won’t always be in the same class throughout the day. Although we cant promise you, you will be in all of your friends lessons there will be plenty of opportunities to see them during social times and also make some new friends along the way.

How will you ensure my child will not fall behind after their time off school?

As teachers it will be our priority to ensure that the time missed by all students does not put our students at a disadvantage. What is fortunate is that all students across the country are in the same position and when schools are reopened will still be in the same position. Our subject areas have put together some activities to help with ensuring students are prepared and this will be talked about on the next slide.

Who do I contact if I have a concern?

If there any concerns throughout your child’s time at school, there is a selection of staff you can contact. Each year group is allocated two members of staff; an  Attainment and Standards leader (ASL) and Head of Year (HOY). If you have any academic concerns you can contact the ASL and if there are pastoral concerns you can contact the HOY. The members of staff in these roles will be shared with you  in due course.  They can be contacted via email, or you can call reception. We also have our amazing Safeguarding team to support you.

Is there any work my child can do to prepare for joining Moreton?

Each subject has prepared a task to help prepare the students for September.

Transition Knowledge Book

We hope you are well and safe during this time. A letter with information about the virtual transition activities that will be taking place over the coming weeks is going out to all our new Year 7 family.  We have attached the first project your child can complete in preparation for their move to secondary school, just click on the link below to access it.

Year 7 Tour of the School

Year 6 Open Day

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