The History department at Moreton strives to develop life-long learners who have a strong understanding of the world around them


Through offering a rich and varied curriculum alongside enrichment opportunities, the department hope to develop well rounded historians.


The History department at Moreton strives to develop life-long learners who have a strong understanding of the world around them” – Moreton’s History Department.

The History department at Moreton are passionate about creating and delivering a curriculum that puts our learners at the center of everything that we do. We have a real desire to make sure that students are successful in this subject so that they can take as much enjoyment out of it as possible. The topics are carefully selected to enable the curriculum offer to be both challenging and engaging, and the department strives to ensure that lessons are accessible to all students – everyone deserves to study and enjoy this fascinating subject.

The History curriculum is built around key concepts that can sometimes be seen as ‘abstract’ or challenging. These include: authority, society, religion, economy, race, war, technology, democracy, empire, revolution and class. Each of these concepts is introduced to learners in KS3 and built upon over the course of study right through to KS5, meaning that they get a broad understanding and knowledge of these and can discuss them from various viewpoints and time periods.

Studying History at any level develops skills in young people that enable them to go on to be articulate, confident and active citizens. History students are taught to research, debate, analyse arguments, present evidence and how to write in an academic style. All of these skills are key to

History provides context about the world around us. Studying History at Moreton provides students an understanding of our locality, and how our story fits in with national and global narratives. Students in Y7 study power and politics in Britain 1066 – 1600s and the French Revolution, which gives them a good grasp on the background to democracy and modern politics today, whilst the Y8 module on the Industrial Revolution helps them to understand the locality of Wolverhampton and our identity today.

GCSE History provides a stimulating course of study for students keen to continue with History after KS3. The units have been chosen so that the course is varied, with a thematic unit on Crime and Punishment, depth studies on Nazi Germany and Elizabethan England and a period study on how the USA came into being. All of these provide insights into society and politics today, as well as ‘hooking’ students into History. The literacy skills GCSE students develop at History are brilliant for preparing students for the world of work or further study. History is an ideal choice for anyone wishing to go onto further study in any subject – all universities cite History as a desired qualification for most degrees, as historians are well prepared for academia.

Enrichment is key to the History department in Moreton. Reading academic texts and developing cultural capital is an intrinsic part of the curriculum and lessons. Opportunities are provided for students to go on trips so that students can experience History, and they have the chance to participate in History clubs to ensure they get to study an even wider variety of engaging topics. For GCSE students, there are intervention sessions that give students tailored and focused assistance to make progress.

Mr Broomhall

Mr Broomhall

Head of History

Mr Broomhall is Head of History at Moreton School

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