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Thank you for the commitment you have shown your child’s education since school closed due to Covid-19. We know it has been a tough adjustment being at home so we wanted to provide you with some activities you could do as a family. Time together will relieve the stress and worry of the current situation and will hopefully offer an opportunity for laughter and fun!

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time for play


Activities to do with your family during lockdown.

Den Building

Building dens is a fun and easy activity that doesn’t need many materials – a blanket and some pegs can be a good starting point!

Art Apart

Test your communication skills to describe how to draw your picture to your partner.

Body Language Charades

Not only do you need to be able to communicate using body language, but you need to be able to interpret it and make sense of what others are communicating as well.

Calm Down Box

This activity is designed to help you to create a toolkit of things that you can use when you are feeling angry, upset, stressed or worried to help you calm down and take control.

Covid-19 First Aid Kit

First aid kit to keep your mental health in a state of wellness.

Friendship Rox

What do you get when you combine a rock found on a nature walk with a heartfelt message for your bestie? Friendship ROX, of course!

Kitchen Fun

Why not get the family together in the kitchen? Making a noisy lunch together is an excellent opportunity for talking and having fun. Talking and copying the sounds you hear.

Message in a Bottle

Say to your child, “Do you have some good friends? Tell me about them!” Give them a chance to reflect on the special friendships in their lives.

Roll and Write

Can you write a story using dice? Yes you can, see where your story leads in this communication game.

Switch off Challenge

Everyone should think about the different screen devices they use. They could think about phones, tablets, laptops and computers, gaming, and television.

Treasure Hunt

Give your children a list of things to find around the house or in the garden and then see how they get on!

Tuck Shop

Setting up a tuck shop at home not only teaches the kids some valuable money lessons, it also curbs the nagging, and can be really fun too. Win, win win!

Bubble Fun V1

How to make a bubble big enough to fit in!

Bubble Fun V2

Make your own bubble art to display at home.

Bug Hotel

Give the creepy crawlies in your garden somewhere to live. How many different insects can you find?

Can't talk? Write

If you’re having trouble talking about your feelings at the moment, try writing them down instead.

Easter Fun

The Easter bucket list from Youngminds is a great way to spend time doing positive activities with your
child, can provide a space to talk through any concerns and bring you closer together. 

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