Amethyst Aspire Careers and Employability Programme

Moreton School delivers independent careers guidance for all year 7 to 11 students in accordance with ‘The government’s careers strategy’ published in December 2018.  In line with our school vision and ethos here at Moreton School, we aim to provide a rounded, fair and challenging careers programme for our young people that challenges stereotypes, raises aspirations, and showcases the equality of opportunity that is accessible to today’s learners when being provided with outstanding guidance.

Our careers programme has been developed and designed to shape the future, together. All of our staff (be those teaching, leadership or support), maintain high aspirations for all of our young people and mentor and coach each individual to have the highest aspirations for themselves. There is a team focus on ensuring each child is aware of how the choices they make with their learning will impact their future careers, lifestyle and wellbeing. The programme equips students with the knowledge to choose fulfilling pathways in areas of which they enjoy, challenges stereotypes and drives them to achieve their potential and beyond.

Our Approach to Visitors

A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to students and/or their Parents/Carers. Please see the programme overview to find more about opportunities offered to our young people and speak to our Careers Leader to identify the most suitable opportunities.


All visitors to our school should be aware of their Safeguarding responsibilities and work within the guidance as laid out in the school policy on safeguarding. Once a booking is made to welcome visitors into the school, all relevant documentation and checks are carried out as per the safeguarding policy.


We provide a vast range of subject specific careers guidance both within and outside of the classroom to engage our young people and to give them a wide variety of options, pathways and choices. We equip all of our students with the knowledge which helps them to grow the belief and motivation to achieve success in each individualised future plan.

As recommended by the Government, we have adopted the Gatsby Benchmarks as a foundation for measuring the quality of the CEIAG that we provide, making good use of the Compass tool to track our progress against the Benchmarks over time.

To ensure that we provide a stable yet inspiring careers programme, we have several working partnerships with a range of different providers. As of August 2018, Moreton School became a Black Country Careers Hub School which will allow us to access a great deal of opportunities for our students and will be fundamental in continuing to develop our careers programme. We also work with Aspire to HE, Headstart, the DWP, the Amethyst Aspire Business Partners, Wolves Community Trust and many others. In partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership, we hold several careers fairs over a school year and make our young people available to a range of institutions at parents’ evenings and in curriculum time, so as to provide impartial access to all pathways.

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