Pastoral Support

At Moreton we recognise that a student’s happiness and well-being are the foundation for their success, so we work hard to create a strong family ethos to underpin school life for our students. Our inclusive pastoral care system aims to promote responsible behaviour and respect for all.

We are committed to a positive approach and, whenever possible, praise and rewards are used to motivate and encourage the students to achieve their potential.

Every adult in school has a responsibility for the welfare and security of our students. Staff work together to ensure that our students are individually valued and well supported, regardless of their ability or needs.


Form Tutor

Each tutor group has a dedicated form tutor that is the first point of call for students. The form tutor works closely with their tutor group on a daily basis supporting their development and awareness of wider school contexts. Each tutor group is also a member of one of our Amethyst Houses. Heads of House are responsible for the development, encouragement and participation of their house members in a range of activities both during the school day and within enrichment times.

Head of Year

Year 7 – Mr O’Connor
Year 8 – Miss Bassi
Year 9 – Mr Taylor
Year 10 – Mr Rogers
Year 11 – Mrs Sangha


Year 7- Miss Wright
Year 8 – Mr Baker
Year 9 – Mr Middleton
Year 10 – Miss Evans
Year 11 – Miss Evans


Senior Leadership Team

Mr Hignett, Mr Hearn and Miss Bott make up the Senior staff who have key responsibilities for Pastoral and Inclusion Care within the school. Their shared responsibility ensure that the correct structures, systems and support is offered to all of our students. They work closely with specialist staff members within their teams supporting every students journey through Moreton School, regardless of the ability and needs.


The Haven and The Eden Centres

The Haven and The Eden centres are purpose built areas designed to provide additional support for our students with additional learning needs, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and those who have complex learning needs that prevent them from attending mainstream lessons.

Specialist staff ensure that bespoke learning programmes and personalised support are put into place to ensure that students continue to access the curriculum taught within mainstream school. In addition to this, where students need extra support with their conduct in school.

The Haven is a dedicated centre to working individually with students where they will receive workshops, 1:1 advice and support, as well as continuing with their academic curriculum studies in a calm and structured environment. This is a positive and supportive centre aimed at promoting the Team Moreton values of Be Prepared, Show Respect, Challenge Yourself.

Medical Care

We have a team of first aid trained staff to cover the school. We also have a NHS school Nurse who is allocated to Moreton and makes valuable contributions to the health and well-being of each of our students. Our designated School Nurse is Susan Watts and be contacted via the school nurses team on 01902 444511 or via our in school medical officer Mrs Humphreys on 01902 558310

In School Counsellor

Mrs Green, a qualified Counsellor, provides a listening service for students in all year groups to discuss any issues they may be facing. Mr Smith is also trained in bereavement counselling and offers a full program of support.

Pastoral Manager

Mr Bagnall is the Pastoral and Intervention Manager. Within this role pastoral support and bespoke intervention is used both with groups and with individual students to intervene and support students with a range of arising needs. The bespoke intervention supports students where additional needs or support is required. Mr Bagnall works closely with Heads of Year, Heads of House and Achievement and Standards Leaders as well as The Haven and The Eden centres to support identified students.

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