Meet the Year Teams

Year 7 Support Team

Year 7 ASL - Mr W. Ollerenshaw

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Attainment and Standards Leader (ASL) for Year 7.

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My role will be to ensure your child is working to their full potential across their subjects, intervene when appropriate and plan a course of action to improve results wherever possible. I will be tracking grades across your child’s assessments and highlighting where improvements can be made, liaising with classroom staff to provide support for your child and to contact you with regard to their progress. I will be the primary contact if you wish to discuss any concerns with your child in Year 7 which may concern their academic progress.
It is my aim to lead the students through a successful transition to Moreton and focus on the success of individuals, whether it be outstanding achievement or the resilience to overcome a new challenge.

Year 7 Head of Year - Mr J. Wyatt

Hello, I’m Mr Wyatt and I am the Head of Year 7

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Starting alongside the year 7 intake in September, I am keen to get to know Moreton alongside the children creating a strong community, and character, growing and learning together as we start our Moreton journey. Working together to support the school’s vision of being prepared, showing respect, and challenging yourself. Fostering relationships with the wider community, to ensure our students are safe within the Moreton family.

Year 8 Support Team

Year 8 ASL - Miss M. Shirley

Hello! I’m Miss Shirley, the Attainment and Standards Lead for Year 8 at Moreton School.

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In my role, I am passionately committed to driving progress and helping every student in our year group reach their highest potential. My focus is not just on academic achievements but also on nurturing personal growth and resilience in our young learners.

As a key part of the Year 8 team, I work closely with teachers, students, and parents to ensure that our educational strategies are tailored to meet the diverse needs of each student. By fostering a supportive and challenging environment, I aim to inspire our students to thrive and be the best they can be.

Joining our Year 8 journey means embarking on a path of discovery, growth, and excellence. I look forward to guiding and witnessing the remarkable achievements our students will undoubtedly accomplish. Welcome to an exciting and enriching year ahead!

Year 8 Head of Year - Miss J. Jeer

In order to be a proactive member of the wider community, my role is to prepare my students to be well rounded individuals who can contribute Moreton’s ethos and values.

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Therefore, being able to succeed in later life. My aim is to help them have a positive mindset, help them to articulate themselves and ultimately achieve a set of pleasing GCSE results. In order to do this my role includes supporting their mental health and wellbeing and helping them to navigate through any SEND needs them might have. Guiding them to extra curriculum activities, best suited for them, and supporting parents is also a great pleasure. Working together, parents, students and myself, will ultimately allow my students to fulfil their potential.

Year 9 Support Team

Miss Hardwick

Year 9 ASL - Miss L. Hardwick

My name is Mrs L Hardwick and I am the Attainment & Standards lead for Year 9.

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Our year group Mantra is “Make it count” no one second can be re-lived, once that time has past you can’t get it back, make every second of your learning journey count.

Our year group aims:

  • Take the opportunities provided for you
  • Challenge yourself: Push harder than yesterday if you want better results tomorrow
  • Be Persistent: Do not focus on “I can’t” replace with “I’ll try”
  • Show Resilience: Do not focus on “Its too hard” replace with “I’ll ask for help”
  • Replace “I’ll do it tomorrow” replace with “I’ll do it today”

Year 9 Head of Year - Mr I. Smith

I am determined and looking forward to supporting every student in year 9 this year on their academic journey.

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I will support every young person in my year group to make the most of every occasion they are presented to fulfil their potential with the quality teaching time we have to offer to year 9 students.
Students will have fantastic opportunities to further develop their character through enrichment, intervention activities and rewards.

My role is to offer pastoral support to all year 9 students to break down any barriers which may prevent them from achieving their attainment and aspirations. I understand that happiness and well-being are fundamental in achieving success, so we work hard to create a strong ethos that supports school life though our values of, be prepared, show respect and challenge yourself.

I will promote a safe and inclusive environment for the duration that the young people are at Moreton School.

Year 10 Support Team

Year 10 ASL - Miss C. Norman

I am passionate about giving children the best educational start to the rest of their life, which every child deserves.

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I was home-educated growing up and then joined Secondary School in Sheffield, where I was raised. I enjoyed attending Secondary School and can relate to children who may have previously not been in a typical educational setting and give them support where required.


I studied Travel & Tourism at college which I enjoyed as it gave me more independence, I decided to continue to studying at Sheffield Hallam University, where I studied Hospitality, Tourism and Business Management. During this course, we were able to travel to internationally to places such as Disneyland Paris and we were given the opportunity to undertake a one-year international work placement. I also had a part-time job in the hospitality industry where I was able to gain experience such as customer service and meet new people.


After completing my degree, I chose to train to be a teacher at Birmingham City University. I relocated as I felt there were more career opportunities in Birmingham. This was an exciting opportunity at the time to live in a bigger city and join an amazing University. I trained to teach Design & Technology, focussing on my specialist subject ‘Food Technology’ with a secondary subject of ‘Textiles’. I have since taught a wide range of subjects, including: GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, Level 2 Hospitality and Catering, Level 3 Hospitality, Level 3 Childcare, Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition, KS3 Art as well as KS3 creative media.



I am interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy cooking healthy meals and baking cakes. I enjoy attending my local gym and joining in gym classes to stay fit. I am passionate about travelling to new countries and experiencing new cultures. In my spare time, I spend time with my children and enjoy walking and eating out.


What do I stand for? What is my vision? 

My role as the Year 10 Attainment and Standards Leader is to ensure all children achieve academic success and continuously challenge themselves. I am here to support the pupils in Year 10 access their full potential both in learning and extra-curricular activities. I am also here to support the pupils develop their character, give an insight to future career opportunities, develop the pupil’s revision skills and preparation for Year 11 as well as promoting and providing stimulating activities and workshops to support their further education. I aim to help remove and reduce barriers to student’s learning so that they can access the curriculum and learning along with their peers.


Pastorally, I am here to support students with their well-being, mental health and supporting them to inhabit healthy and positive relationships with other students and staff. Celebrating students’ achievement and recognising their efforts is very important to me. I recognise students who are consistently meeting the expectations and help those who need further support to achieve this. All students equally matter to me despite their circumstances, background or abilities and needs. If any students has a concern or problem that they need support with, my door is always open and I welcome them to come and speak to me with confidence that myself and the school will offer our support. I thoroughly enjoy my role as Year 10 Attainment and Standards Leader and have been overwhelmed with the achievements, both academically and personally, I have seen the Year 10 successfully accomplish so far.

Year 10 Head of Year - Miss S. Bassi

My name is Miss Bassi, and I have the privilege of being the Head of Year 10 here at Moreton School.

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My name is Miss Bassi, and I have the privilege of being the Head of Year 10 here at Moreton. It’s my mission to make sure every one of our students – your amazing children – gets all the support they need to shine brightly. We’re here to celebrate their unique qualities, encourage their dreams, and help them achieve their very best, both in their studies and in life.
In our Moreton family, we value kindness, respect, and taking pride in everything we do. Our school is a place where every student should feel happy, safe, and eager to learn. I’m here to tackle any challenges that might get in the way of their learning journey and to cheer them on as they set their sights on their bright futures.
I believe in the power of working together – school and home hand in hand – to give our students the best possible experience. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and make this year a fantastic and memorable one for our Year 10 students!

Year 11 Support Team

Year 11 ASL - Miss M. De Bechi

I have always had a passion for supporting others to succeed, and I believe that a fantastic education is fundamentally the best support any child can receive. 

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I grew up in Wolverhampton and have lived around the area my whole life. I attended St. Edmunds Catholic Academy where I selected Geography, History, Art and French, alongside my required subjects for GCSE. I was extremely keen to follow my passion and interests and this is something I continue to promote to students today in my role working with Year 11 and KS4. I was incredibly ambitious and motivated to achieve well in my GCSEs to enable me to study at King Edward VI College, Stourbridge. This was an excellent opportunity for me to meet a breadth of people and receive various educational opportunities, including taking part in the University of Cambridge Gifted and Talented scholarship programme. Whilst at King Edward’s, I studied Geography, English Language & Literature, and Government & Politics at A-Level, alongside History at AS Level and an Extended Project Qualification in Dance. I applied to a variety of universities including Aberystwyth, University of Liverpool, Keele and Lancaster; however, the university I loved most upon visiting was University of Birmingham, where I completed a Bachelor of Science in Geography and achieved a First Class degree (with Honours). Following this, I undertook a PGDE in Education and Leadership through Teach First and their partnership with Birmingham City University.  


I have always been keen to be involved in extra-curricular activities, even when working. I currently play hockey with a team local to where I live, and have captained this team over the 2023 summer league. I enjoy playing the guitar and reading in my spare time – over the most recent summer holiday I managed to read 8 books! This is something I am keen to promote with students in school, and I even have my own geographical book recommendations that I use and promote during lessons! 

What do I stand for? What is my vision? 

My role as a Year 11 Attainment and Standards Leader is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of students while fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. My vision encompasses equity, data-driven decision-making, collaboration, personalised learning, and a focus on student wellbeing, all with the ultimate goal of preparing students for a bright and successful future. 

Fairness and inclusivity is at the heart of what I do; ensuring that all students have equal access to educational opportunities and support, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances. I am committed to offering guidance and academic support to students. My role includes helping them make informed decisions about their academic pathways and aiding them when they face challenges. The support put in place for the students is to not only prepare them for their final exams, but also for their post-secondary education and future careers. I believe students should be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life beyond school.  

Within year 11, the student’s personal responsibility is integral; I believe that students are accountable for their learning and I actively encourage them to take responsibility for their academic progress. This includes setting clear expectations and helping students track their own growth, and providing the skills to support them in doing this independently. Each student receives a carefully crafted programme of support across the year to stretch, challenge and support their personal needs. Most importantly, I seek to drive a culture of progress and passion, where students love their learning and are inspired to achieve and excel above and beyond their expectations. We at Moreton actively promote a growth mindset for all students, supporting each and every student to aim high and achieve well. 

Year 11 Head of Year - Mr M. Blower

My name is Mr Blower and I am deeply passionate about seeing every student in the year group make the most of every opportunity and every minute of quality teaching time we have to offer our year 11 students.

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Students will get to take part in amazing clubs, trips, interventions and reward events. My role is to offer the pastoral support they need to achieve everything they wish too during their last year here at Moreton. I recognise that a student’s happiness and well-being are the foundation for their success, so we work hard to create a strong family ethos to underpin school life for our students.

From helping to resolve uniform issues, to signposting support and advice from a range of professionals, I am here to ensure the students feel safe and protected as well as happy and valued for the duration of their Moreton School experience.

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