Special Educational Needs

We are committed to providing an excellent education to all our students and our philosophy is that the best form of pastoral care is an outstanding set of GCSE results.

We have high expectations for all our SEND students and they are entitled to the same broad and balanced curriculum as their peers.

Moreton School provides for students who transfer from mainstream primaries with an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) or a designation on the SEND register of SEND support. In addition, we also have the Eden Centre which provides additional social and emotional support to those who require it. Across mainstream and the Eden Centre, we provide for those with SEND under the following categories: cognition and learning; communication and interaction; sensory and physical; social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Students maybe supported through a combination of mainstream or base provision with reasonable adaptations as specified in EHCPs and our provision maps. This offer forms part of Wolverhampton’s Local Offer which can be found at

There are two SEND teachers, a qualified school counsellor and many teaching assistants in school to ensure all SEND students make good progress. If you have any queries please contact the relevant member of staff:

  • Kate Staton: Assistant Headteacher in charge of SEND and Inclusion (SENDCO)
  • Lucinda Dunn: Educational Psychologist
  • Elaine Green: School Counsellor
  • Joanne Podesta: Head of the Eden Centre


The Eden Centre

Eden provides an effective and incredibly successful working environment, specialist resources and key worker support for students with SEND. Eden has a social skills area which is the hub of the centre and students are encouraged to invite friends in and engage in social activities The centre has a quiet space that students value considerably as they are used for quiet/chill time.

Our students are provided with support, guidance, extra tuition and nurturing via Eden that allows them to reach their full academic and social potential. Inclusiveness is promoted at all levels of the school with all staff and students working collaboratively for the benefit of all students.

The focus is on the individual, enabling appropriately supported participation in the mainstream school according to needs, abilities and strengths. The Eden centre prides itself on having a ‘long term vision’ for each student, as a result we see developing independence and increasing confidence as a high priority to allow for smooth transition into further education and indeed adulthood.

Essential elements of the provision are:

  • Specialist teaching and support staff to help plan and support the students’ time in mainstream settings and to deliver supplementary programmes of work
  • Rooms that provide a safe haven away from the pressures of the mainstream
  • An autism friendly environment that reduces sensory discomfort
  • Bases for individual and small group intervention
  • Delivery of a personalised curriculum to meet individual needs
  • Access to specialist resources
  • Close working relationships with parents
  • Training and support for all school staff in areas of SEND
  • Close links with external services to ensure continuity of care and education for all students

In summary, SEND students thrive at Moreton School. Key to this is their hard work and endeavour that runs parallel with the bespoke support the Eden centre provides to each individual student. This support allows students to access the mainstream teaching environment at the same time as ensuring key skills for life beyond school such as independence, flexibility of mind, confidence and self-esteem are developed.



We are a statutory service providing impartial information, advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and other additional needs. The support that you can access from us is free, neutral, confidential and impartial.


Providing Sports, Arts, Play and outings for children with Special Needs and Disabilities in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.

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