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Embarking on a Journey of Professional Discovery: Moreton School’s Work Experience Programme

At Moreton School, we believe in nurturing the aspirations of our students through real-world experiences. Our work experience programme is a pivotal step in this journey, offering students a window into potential career paths and contributing to their personal and professional growth.

This hands-on experience is more than just a line on a CV; it’s a transformative chapter in our students’ educational journey. By taking the initiative to secure and manage their own placements, students foster a sense of independence and get a taste of the adult world of work. It’s an exercise in responsibility, paving the way for future employment opportunities.

To streamline this exciting process, we utilize Unifrog ( – a comprehensive platform for career exploration and planning. Launched a few years ago, Unifrog has become an integral tool for our students, enabling efficient communication with employers, especially regarding important aspects like Risk Assessment and Health & Safety policies. Rest assured, your child is already familiar with this platform, and we’ll provide additional guidance on using it effectively.

Here’s how it works:

  • Initial Steps: Students should first agree on the placement with their chosen employer. Following this, they will register the placement on their Unifrog account during tutor time at school.
  • Communication and Confirmation: Once the placement is registered, Unifrog will automatically reach out to the employer, parents/guardians, and the school to gather necessary information and approvals. Accuracy in these initial details is crucial for a smooth process.

Discover More About the Programme:
We encourage our students to secure their placements by the end of March, marking the beginning of an enriching and insightful experience. Let’s embark on this journey together, fostering the skills and aspirations needed for a successful transition into adulthood.


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